Suicide is not the Solution

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Suicide Poems

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Suicide is not the Solution

Suicide - really no solution?
 No way out of confusion?
 They say with trouble you must cope,
 for every problem there is hope.
 They say the sun also shines for you,
 but it' s hard to believe that' s true.
 No solution, but salvation?
 Or causes this more complication?
 They say nothing can be worth it,
 that for it your life shall quit.
 But you are only feeling week,
 can' t fight, can' t seek
 for a solution or a healing
 from all this painful feeling.
 And when you fight against this pain,
 and you know your efforts are in vain,
 then I understand how you want commit suicide
 and just stop this senseless fight!


avatar alesha buchanan
I can really relate to this poem. I have went through the feeling of committing suicide. I didn't go all the way through with it, but I did cut my wrist and legs to try and relieve the pain of hurt. This poem is really inspirational. It's nice to know that someone had the words to say to relate to how I felt. Thank you so much.
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