He died on his own battlefield

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Suicide Poems

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He died on his own battlefield

 Fighting unknown enemies
Infiltrating his mind
Taking over his life
What kind of demons possessed his soul, and

Living with his pain destroys
But how do I forget?
Who will forgive me?
The dreadful sins of a mother

The nights are long and filled with memories
Sudden noises and my eyes are wide
All breathing stops
As I listen for a miracle
For him

Empty arms reach out
My broken heart still beats
What is left behind?
Apart from loneliness and
Unbearable, untouchable grief

Flowers bloom and new spring buds arrive
Sheltering the place
Of his death

Oh God of my understanding
Speak to me
Of summers yet to come
Of dreams to be fulfilled

I stand alone
Watching from a distance
The scene of his battlefield
A barren place where sadness dwells
Where I dare not walk
For fear that come the eve of my death
It will be
Too late
Too late


avatar Jadara
i cry almost everytime i read this poem. this was amazing. you are a very talented writer. keep it up.
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