Trapped in Darkness!

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Suicide Poems

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Darkness surrounds me everyday,

It taunts me and says I can not stay.

It makes me want to leave this world,

It wants my body dark and cold.

I plead and beg and ask to be free,

But it says no cause it already owns me.


My body goes limp and cold,

Its coldness wraps around my heart and soul.

Im scared; and helpless too,

Im lost and trapped, not sure what to do.


I just want out of this place,

But everywhere I turn I see its face.

I know death is what’s coming for me,

But down in my soul there’s light to set me free.


The light of happiness, love and caring,

It’s deep in my soul bright and flaring.

I need a way to let it over come me,

To light the way and set me free.


I need to face darkness and the fear it sheds,

I need to pull away from the pain it spreads.

I look it in the eye and say to thee,



The cold darkness breaks its grip on me,

And finally it was light that set me free!


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