When They Let Me Go

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Suicide Poems

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I sit in this dark, dim room
What day is it?
Who am I?
I'm sorry but I must have forgotton
Because I wouldn't have gone this far...
Just to prove a point.
The days go by....
The years fade away...
I've had enough time to decide
this choice is nothing but mine
the choice may not be right
but I will die tonight

I'm sorry that I tried to kill myself...
withought even noticing...
I died long ago
when I gave up on them
when they let me go

My heart still beats but my feet don't move
My mind's lost hope
No one will ever know why one will be driven to end themself
but I can tell you not even I know...
by witnessing this hell

The dark room gets darker, i've been sitting here for days
hoping starvation will get me
before this razorblade

Someone told me that the greatest pain in life is tha pain
of knowing that you're going to die...
but i'm already dead on the inside...
so why should I be alive?

The room get's colder now that I've just been blessed with another day of life
Ther sun sets of this tragedy, waiting for another day...
to take my life
so what's there to live for?
we all die eventually, one day...
I didn't sleep that night, I didn't have enough energy to cry

But in the morning the sun shattered the night's abyss that clouded my life
I ignored everything, all the things I just went through
I picked myself back up off the floor
The only thing to live for
is life

we only get a chance to live
Even though life may be pain
most of you will agree it is better to feel pain, than nothing at all...


avatar katarina
i dont agree. but congrats on making it through one more day
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avatar lost hope
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