Deception of the Heart

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Suicide Poems

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So what if you being mad fun of,
you clearly have something he doesnt,
i'd swing and hit but whats the point,
You see am still young but my mother thinks and say:
"slience is the best answer given to a fool"
i still think thats wrong for now, but when you swing and hit hard and beat him up,
you gain respect but what bout him, hw would be mad fun of and see, what it was to have been in your shoes,
But then tradegy starts taking place he is much depresses cause he was never made fun of
he comes running to you the popular one begging to forgive him,
but you think of pain and the hatered you had for him,
and in response sendd him away wit a no,
he is now so depressed he goes home feeling sick, goes to his dad's room,
finds a gun, pulls the trigger sending him 6ft under ground(grave),
now you start blaming yourself for the stupid way you acted,
and start been huanted by his death for the rest of your life,
now you know what you mom said: "slience is the best answer given to a fool/
if keep swinging you sending yourself clinging on a hing thread about to break
And now you are responsible for a death.
But what mother said is still in you


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