How will I get by?

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Suicide Poems

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I have just entered the mind of a man who was once forced to face his demise, as he took his very first stride into the final journey of his life, the final destination into the darkest night; Immediately he was awakened by the light of all lights, a light so bright, and within this light lied the Almighty Christ. This is a journey that only those who have died, and only those who have expired are destined to ride. I will now take a walk through space and time and as I enter this mans mind I will listen closely to the thoughts that were left behind. I was going through hard times and I just couldn't seem to find my way to the light, the darkness had become to hard to fight; Faith was low, hopes were lost, an all pride was gone. I was fed up with all of the strife; I was just about ready to give up on my life, and even with all of my might I still could not find the light because the darkness was just to hard to fight. Day by day as my life would subside, the will to survive was no longer inside; Hour after hour as time went by and with the shadows still have yet to leave my side, these dismal clouds have fogged my mind. How will I get by? When will these gloomy shadows leave my side, when will they subside? Is this it for me? Will I forever live a clouded life, with endless black and mysterious nights? If I take my life, will there be light? Would I forever be in paradise? Tonight is the end, the last of the shadowy nights, and the last of the shaded mind; I will now take my first stride into the final journey of my life, my final destination into the darkest night; In hopes that I will see the light, the light so bright, the light that within lies the Almighty Christ.


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