Soon I will be gone

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Suicide Poems

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my thoughts my thoughts

these thoughts i want nodbody to see

for the just the thought of them judging me

these thoughts of amassing wealth

these thoughts i keep to myself

with these thoughts i am emotionally drained

my thoughts are not the same

its like a parasite in my brain

thoughts reserved only for the insane

with these thoughts i feel alone

these thoughts i never condone

yet they are always there

the emotions on my sleeve i wear

i am stuck an dont know what to do

will these thoughts go away if i only knew

these cuts take away the emotional pain

if only for a little while

i run the thoughts away if only for a mile

my thoughts they are starting to consume

for good thoughts there is no room

for all my friends i hold dear

soon i will be gone

for as death approaches may i hold no fear


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