Why do you deceive me so?

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Suicide Poems

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HTML clipboardWhy do you deceive me so?

Frightening me till it clearly shows.
 Shows my pain and torment.
 My heart is broken and bent.
 The painful tears that I have cried,
 My mind has now made me decide.
 Decide my sinful and painless fate.
 No one can stop me; it's too late.
 And as I look out beyond the cliff.
 I feel the wind begin to lift.
 Lift me to a better place,
 So I do not have to face.
 Face the pain and anger and doom.
 It will all be over soon.
 Soon I'll meet the bottom ground,
 And I'll cease to be around.
 But I know it's for the better.
 No more torment, tears make my face wetter.
 Tears that I would usually hate.
 Now these tears are my only mate.
 Soon you'll see, it's all your fault.
 Your heart will open, like a vault.
 I know you'll cry as much as I have,
 But you'll cry over relief, and soon will laugh.
 You'll find another to hurt with words.
 And she will too, try and soar with the birds.
 Soar just like I am, but soon I'll stop.
 Stop this flight from this deadly drop.
 And the Devil will soon meet me,
 'Cause suicide is a mortal sin, don't you see?
 So, in fact, eventually down here,
 You and I will again be near.
 Because there is no way you'll ever meet God.
 He surely knows that you are a cheat and a fraud.
 But do not worry, please don't my dear.
 All's you've got to do is fear.
 Fear the mad man down in Hell.
 Because the Devil will not treat you well.


avatar katarina
this is very wicked
luv it
well. i think God judges us all separatly. if u have a good reason to die...
im just saying
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