I Woke Up and She Was Dead

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Suicide Poems

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I remember a morning long ago

I woke up a girl I knew was dead

I'm the last one that she'd spoken to

I knew what had been said

A life that day had been taken, was lost

Something valued so highly you can not set a cost


Everybody knew her

But no one really cared

And on the day before that day

There were many secrets that we'd shared


She told me of her fears and faults

But I didn't take them to heart

So I'm afraid that in that death she died

I may have played a part


Now looking back upon those times

I can't help feel but grief

But I think if I tell someone else those words

It'll bring a measure of relief


She said she just wanted to be loved

Some caring would suffice

And now that she's no longer here

I hope she finds that peace


I want her to be happy

I wish her to be free

And if she finds contentment

I hope she's waiting for me


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