Thanksgiving Poems

Let me tell you a little about Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November, It is when families come together for a big dinner, football, and fun.

Thanksgiving could be considered an heir to the many harvest festivals we have left behind, as we have grown away from the land around us. Thanksgiving (for us) is as much, if not more, a celebration of a single historical event as of the abundant harvests we are often blessed with.

Of course, Thanksgiving should be an every day event. Even if you don't believe in a "higher power" you can think of the many farmers and farm workers that labor so that we always have something for our tables.

For your convenience we have arranged some beautiful thanksgiving poems for this wonderful holiday

Have a happy thanksgiving 2011!

As you join with your family and friends on this day,
Please include the less fortunate in your thoughts as you pray!

There are many among us who have no holiday fare,
In every corner of the world, there are homeless out there!

Perhaps, due to circumstances and through no fault of their own,
They now find themselves hungry, destitute and oh so alone!

In whatever prayer of thanks you offer; no matter what words you say,
Please add this simple verse - help someone else find their way!

"Lord, help me to help those who have nothing to celebrate today;
To make their lives better, please show me the way!"

If you put "self" aside each day for a moment or two,
Show compassion for others, you'll be amazed at the good you can do!

And, next year when you gather to give thanks once again,
You can say...

"Thanks for helping me make a difference Lord......
thank you  Amen!"

By Rita


On our calendar, Thanksgiving comes once a year,
but in my heart, it is always here.
In the morning, I thank God for the things I see;
all the beauty He gives to me.
I thank Him for each sound I hear,
the rustling leaves, the bleating deer.
I thank Him for the roof over my head,
and my warm cozy bed;
I thank Him for each scent I smell,
some beckoning my stomach to fill.
I thank God for the things I touch,
being able to feel means so much;
I thank Him for my family,
each one, so special to me.
I know now what I am trying to say,
thank God for everything, every day.
On our calendar, Thanksgiving comes once a year

By Winston Staples

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