Time Poems

Time Poems, Poetry about Time and its importance

The Flight of Time
Priya Anton

Faintly flow, thou falling river,
Like a dream that dies away,
Down to ocean gliding ever,
Keep thy calm, unruffled way.

Time with such a silent motion,
Floats along on wings of air,
To eternity?s dark ocean,
Burying all its treasures there.

Roses bloom, then they wither,
Cheeks are bright, they fade and die,
Shapes of light are wafted thither,
Then like visions, hurry by.

Quick as clouds at evening driven,
O?er the many coloured west.
Years are bearing us to Heaven.
Home of happiness and rest!

Life, Love, and Time

by Little Miss Sunshine

Life is flying by,
our youth slipping away.
Minutes ticking by,
why aren’t we out there living?
We’ve only got one life,
so we better live this one right.
Stop and take a breath,
witness the beauty that’s everywhere.
Appreciate the small things,
revel in life’s blessings,
say ‘I love you’ everyday
cause it might just be your last.
Be the person you want to be.
Lead a life your proud to lead.
Make someone’s day with a smile,
who knows, they might just need it.
Laugh off all the trivial things.
Smile away the sadness.
Kiss all the tears away.
Turn gray skies into sunshine.
You change the world in little ways,
each time you touch a heart.
If life’s so short and love so sweet
love every person you meet.
As this poem comes to a close
I’ll leave you with a question.
This moment is now gone forever,
are you happy with how you spent it?

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