Antibody Vampire Hottie

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Vampire Poems

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It's a power thing How we cling Like Atoms Numbers form into demolition of "Demons" demonstration Scientology morons Valence compound Needles in the vein blood rounds antibody of Wolfs and hounds Egyptian Hottie nipple ring of the Nile grounds of fangs he hangs Antibody between Life or death blood rush gang Hottie she breathe's Showing her teeth goes bang His bite could crush Killing bacteria Blood is the love drug Their rush heavenly bleed inside her tattoo so taboo like blood rash Blood rare roll of sushi Juicy floozy ready for Good bite climb in Fuji Hot Lucy has blood mouth runs like Diarrhea Meeting Maria and Here comes Cytheria Blood bank Galleria Other people were getting sick gonorrhea Oh! Mama Mia no red sauce mix our blood Blood brothers thicker Vampire sisters fuck a lot quicker Red District Vampire precinct so descent Blood locked Holmes All ghouls so white clones Afterlife took over by the Rite all goodbyes Tormented websites Germs all over the train What's left 4 Mia all blood pack of calls His blood protein Masquerading Victorian ball The main event Paranormal it went Living in the terminal So primal like a parasite Killing the virus Darker than hell website New status Hell-0 Bloodline "Nostradamus" Her skin orgy biting Felt alienized siting Red-eye snake dissolving my skin Feeling swallowed more hallowed blood sips devoured Valent "Be Decent" Or Present as untrue but alas bloody compass All Chromosomes Threesomes moresomes specified all verified Blood hottie multiplied He knows blood flows Stock of bloody money The Dows Our future blood is hellish good how it shows


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