How we ruled in those nights

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Vampire Poems

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How we ruled in those nights

Our will over all complete
Everyone begging to bask in our lights
Regardless of how deep our deceit
Still we stood strong in our might
Through dance we kept them on their feet
We knew everything we did was right

How many lives did we enrich
How many lives did we destroy
How many did we turn out as nothing but a *****
How could we have so many used as a toy
Regardless of the damage from us all it needed was a good stitch
It didn’t matter as long as it served our joy
We never cared if you died later in a ditch

But youth wanes and fades
Power is lost and zeal dies
And now we are nothing but shades
Forgotten and hated for our lies
Ever hiding and dodging verbal blades
No one can hear our cries
We can only now retire to the old gothic glades


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