Vampires plot

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Vampire Poems

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Vampires plot

As I'm  lowered into this earthly state,

I pray she lay in wonton wait

Shovels stamp ground above my frigid face

captors flee in prayerful haste

My unheard pleas forevermore,

least I’m freed from human horror!!!

……This timeless bed I dread,

has she not arisen from the dead….?

Alas, the ground above begins to split,

my coffin suddenly rip

dare she free me from my paupers’ crypt?

She gasped away my damning stake,

my healing heart begins to quake

Her flaming eyes, her beastly cry,

my demonic lover and I shall fly

Dare I fail my soulless mate,

may I return to human fate


From Ross E. Osborn


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