The Demon Poem

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Vampire Poems

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Poems about demons

The world is nothing
It is a void that can never be filled
you are nothing more than maggots
to be decimated by The Lord of Darkness
Who is this great power you ask
Who can be so arrogant as to believe
himself the almighty creator
That man stands before you
I have always existed
I shall always exist
I created the void which in you inhabit
with your vile putridness
But it is you who feeds it
with your indifference, hatred, competition
All things which I adore and embrace like a lover
I envelope myself in the Darkness
The gothic sun my beacon
to gather my minions
You can not defy your fate
for I fill your lives with the filth that greatens the void
Bow down to the evil within you
For I am that I evil
I control you
I have always controlled you
I shall always control you
Civilizations have to tried to banish me
subvert my power
safeguard their hearts and souls
from my watchful eye
But I always return tenfold
Men rape, pillage, kill at the thought of me
Women bare themselves in the hopes of being my lover
But I take no lover
I have never loved for I have never been loved
That is the one void that I have
A void which I long to fulfill
I am forever searching for my equal
Someone who will bare themselves to me
and I the same
I search for someone with an insatiable yearn
A yearn to eternally embrace my passion
A person who will lay down their body at my whim
and yet be able to break me to her iron will
Until that time arrives, I search
For all eternity I search
And until my wish is fulfilled
the void in my heart, in the belly of man
will continue to grow and feed and consume
until there is nothing


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plz get a life
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