Wife Poems, Love Wife Poems from Husband

Wife Poems , Wife Love Poems from Husband

My Mirror

You are my mirror
And I weep for the seeing
Looking at you, looking into me
Everything that I am
Everything I could ever be
Hidden in your shinning eyes
Sometimes I see a man smaller than myself
I see a fool
Sometimes in your eyes,
I am much larger than myself
A king, a God
And I have never known unconditional love
Until I knew you
With a spirit that is pure
Like Holy water
In a sacred pool
And when the ugly part of me speaks
(The small man)
You are silent
Waiting for your champion
And when he laughs, and shines his stupid grin
You are patient
Waiting for your king.
And when he stumbles
You extend a gracious hand
Helping him to stand
So you see
Your mirror shows the truth of me
And I could never lie
When I look into your eyes


That Day

That day with you shimmered, a laughing daydream.
Green never looked so green.
Water glistened,
And caught our smiling faces.
The wind whispered, softly kissing our skin.
Sunlight fell through treetops,
Celebrating you with dappled patterns.
As you walked, the patterns changed,
And the colors changed,
And you were cast in kaleidoscope light.
As we strolled paradise, hand in hand,
There was a weightiness, a heaviness to our steps.
Our feet struck the ground slowly, solidly, purposefully.
We were connected to the earth, and to one another,
In a literal sense.
That day was surreal, yet so real.
I think that in the end
When I lay down to die, fading from this world
And closing my eyes,
I will see you that day,
Smiling in the sun.


May We Love

Like the birds sing and like the wind blows, may we love
As the moon emits its soft white glow, may we love
Without effort or thought, without selfish intention
May we love
As if tomorrow there would be no sun
As if tonight was the last moon, the last song
The last dance, and the only chance
May we love
From our heart and soul
May we love
Without guilt, shame, or blame, may we love
With transparency and truth, may we love
In the warm palm of each others hand, may we love
In the eyes of each other, loving friends
May we love
Like the gentle flow of life’s river
Always and forever
May we love

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