Winter Poems

Lovely Poems about the Glorious winter season, the chilling winter mornings and the long nights

Oh the glory of a winter night
as the snow covers the ground.
The beauty silent and unspoken
such glory without a sound.

The chill in the air is brisk
winter skies are clear and bright.
You can breathe in ole man winter
as you inhale the wondrous sight.

All of nature is now quiet
You may see a deer pass by.
A redbird leaves its shelter
for the crumbs it sees nearby.

The night is cold and silent
All of creation goes to sleep
Within this glorius winter night
are warm memories we shall keep.

Winter Morning
Tobias Treppmann

Winter morning
The streetlights burning
Despite the bright, blue, cloudless sky
The streets they are gloomy
and full of shadow and rime
People dressed black and blue
Hoping to be just in time
Wips of smoke fom the cars
Are dancing on the street
Everything else is frozen,
Static, unable to move
Not one single word spoken
A friendly hand hides in a glove
All animals seem to have died
Just two little birds still alive
In love following each other
on their winter-morning-flight

October Days
Carolyn Head

October days! How nature shouts,
so many ways
With bundled sheaves and rustling leaves,
in splendid blaze.

O, what sights! What nippy nights,
harbingers of change soon
To come, with frosty bites,
shivery delights, and harvest moon.

Winter will march on! A howling, blustery,
mountain king,
Scattering furry ones, scampering,
gathering quondam glean.

Pond and lake with icy sheen-
unlikely resting place,
For airborne tenacities and dancing
dervish lacy flakes.

Winter's Song Poem

My face is clouded by the shameless wind.
My head is bowed by the heavy sky.
I make my crooked way unseen and unheard.
My legs are bowed. My feet are splayed.
My bones are brittle. My teeth are all worn.
My breath escapes me through a hole in the world.
My thoughts like quicksilver slip out of my grasp.
My body, bent and distorted by time's embrace,
Stumbles through what's left of my life.
My ears are numb. My vision's blurred.
My passion's spent. My soul inured.
And yet I continue I still go on
For no other reason but to hear winter's song.
The cold clean air that bites at my cheeks
The stark still shadows of a December's Eve.
These plain simple things become so precious and real
Each breath each moment that might be repealed
Each step is my eternity.
Each day my infancy.

Evelin Cardenas

cruelty in the Winter season Poem

November is a cruelly cold month
and sundays have lost their charm.
So I drive real slow to get home-
postponing inevitable
coldness that freezes my insides
shut tight against the world
without you here
Iím all frowns and lip-service
and thinking of weeks ahead I curse time
and life - cause a handsome pair of
brown eyes lives in the month of

Evelin Cardenas

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